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Thread: Updates !!!

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    Updates !!!

    Hi chefs.
    Me again !!!
    I'd like to know what other chefs would like to have or see in future updates.
    What you would like to change or have more of ????
    Answers on a plate 😂

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    I would like to have more video commercials for goodies again. There used to be twice as many as there are now, so we only get about half the goodies. What happened? I really need those extra goodies!

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    Hello Chefs,

    Here are several ways you can get goodies for your restaurant:
    Finding and opening roadside gifts: you can find these gift boxes both in your own restaurants and other players' restaurants.
    Levelling up
    Sharing a new recipe on Facebook
    Thank You Gifts from friends for helping them.
    Play EveryDay to win goodies as a bonus!
    Participating in events may reward you with various rewards, of which goodies is also a possibility.
    Watching ads on the TV can earn you goodies every once in a while.
    Visiting and trying your luck at the FortuneHut earns you goodies sometimes
    Activating Unlimited Goodies Pack when available

    Chef Mark

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